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    Download & Install

    292.100 links added, updated the link @arkgamerFigovd
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    Download & Install

    289.100 Torrent added, direct links will be updated in a few hours
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    Download & Install

    Atlas v209.499 x64 -Download (Full Multiplayer Atlas Game With Auto Updater): Download Game - Torrent (Mirror 1) Download Game - Direct Link (Mirror 2) Download Game - Torrent Magnet (Mirror 3) -Joining multiplayer server? if the launcher did not directly connect you to the server click...
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    Download & Install ///////////////// 287.110 Added
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    should be fixed now btw this was your own profile i normally wouldn't see profile posts you...

    should be fixed now btw this was your own profile i normally wouldn't see profile posts you should of used a section at the forum of pmed me
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    Epidemic Ark Rules

    Do's: - Have fun! - Report grievers, cheaters, toxic people and help keep our community clean, make sure to take screenshots/videos for proof. Dont's: (For your own sake) - Block off Artifact's and boss caves, your base will be removed. - Block surface caves in Aberration - Be...
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    Epidemic Discord & Forum Rules

    Hereby the rules! - Only use Discord @Ownprox tags for server downtime please. - Simply respect the community and staff members, don't start drama in public for no apparent reason at all. - No advertising of ANY kind. - No spamming, porn, suspicious links. Keep it clean please. - 18+ Content...
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    Download & Install

    287.102 Added, Launcher mod manager has also had broken mod links removed have fun.
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    mod download Something went wrong....

    i wish it was possible but steamcmd does not provide a progress when downloading workshop items so its impossible to display one as the launcher rely's on steamcmd to grab the mods
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    Every mod I try to download leads to a "That item does not exist" page.

    fixed it enjoy thanks for reporting it.
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    Mod problem

    its absolutely still working and spacewar was not taken down. can you make a small video of the process and upload it so i can better advise you.
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    Impossible to get mods

    im still possible to get mods try make sure downloads during playing are turned on at steam and try use the launcher to install mods while the game is running. and make sure you have spacewar install on the same hd as ark
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    cant install mods anymore

    fixed it enjoy thanks for reporting it.
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    My launcher is not updating

    make sure you have 100+ gb free space.