Download & Install

I have Ark client from igggames
but then you can not go online. and the link from Using Launcher with other Ark clients
does not work. My internet says: This site is not accessible It takes too long before responds. can someone help me only need the laucher
I think there is a problem with mod manager. When i try to install a mod (right click install in mod list) the launcher crash. I hope you will be able to sovle this problem
direct links from seedbox it still does not work long ago and no 292.103 update available via launch manager even it has been already released and available by CODEX ...
Talked to kaspersky... soon they will remove from virus list , false detection...
I dont even have any antivirus. Windows defender wont even allow to download it, even forced disabling defender doesnt work. Even if I manage to get it on the computer, I am not allowed to launch it and it gets deleted automatically (even though windows defender is disabled).