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Greetings survivors!

Today we released our new forum and applied several discord changes for the Epidemic Network.
Its currently still in maintenance as we're configuring the permissions and visuals, although its fully accessible already.
The forum will mainly be used to prevent alot of useless clutter on Discord, by making one navigation panel in one channel that directs people to all the downloads, rules, guides, and more. Also we've merged our old forums database so your accounts and email recovery are active!
On top of that we've got a few more things planned:

- May 31st

- Full server wipe + Full PvP Cluster on Epidemic 1 -> 5 ...
After the wipe we will cluster all our servers, including the transfer of dino's, items, and survivors! Happy surviving everyone!

- Dedicated Server upgrade
We are doubling the performance for your comfort! Say no to lag!

- Full unban and forgiveness to everyone who's got banned on our Discord and Epidemic ARK servers
A clean start for everyone, including the naughty ones. Lets hope we can all keep our heads cool now and enjoy the time on ARK whether its as ally's or enemies!

- Soon (No date set)

- Ingame automated PvP events with ingame prizes
A custom arena where players will be queued for Team-Deathmatch and Free-for-all based matches.
These matches will offer a variety of game modes such as: All Tek / All naked (punch) / All Snipers / Last man standing, and more!

- Weekly ingame item/tame give-aways on all servers
Phr33 st00ff to help people get started and ready for war!

- Monthly steam gift card giveaways
Does this really need to be explained? :p

- PvE Cluster
- a Un-modded cluster Featuring all the maps we're hosting in our PvP cluster. Rates may differ.

- New/improved Epidemic Launcher
This idea has been out there for a while, we want to create a all-in-one launcher that supports all of our (future) games and offers tons of cool features!
Progress is on its way!

- Ingame content
With the use of the custom API for ARK plugins we are able to make changes and add cool features to the game! Details will follow later.

- More games
We're keeping our eyes open for games we can host without problems, although the deciding factor will be whether the games population is active enough to make it worth while.

I hope this will give you guys something to look forward to, we're planning alot of changes to improve the community and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Kind regards,

BawZ & Ownprox
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