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My suggestion is to increase auto-decay from 0.25 to 0.5. Its crazy small amount my cable, ladder, plot keep decaying after 1 day of being offline. Its going to help solo players like me and help survive the hard time between update when many players can't update game and play :D


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I can admit that ARK decay system is badly designed and doesn't count all elements in structures altogether. So you have to repair constantly everything piece by piece depending on decay time. Conan Exiles, for example, is different- the bigger your base the longer decay time has everything linked.
But- ARK is made like that intentionally to make it more alive and make players active constantly. Survival multiplayer games are not designed to be played alone. You will never survive the technology and resource race against others that have multi-player tribes, clans or guilds, whatever you call it. And you will be raided anyway and lose everything. Even being online. There is no sense in playing solo such a game.
So if you want to be a casual player in survival- make your own server, put the game system values that you want and play on your own.


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Goku said:
Ahora vamos a volver y empezar de 0 ?

[font=sans-serif, Arial,]Bueno, estoy seguro de que MUCHOS de nosotros no estaremos muy contentos de haber perdido meses de trabajo y comenzar con un mero cuerpo desnudo y un hacha de piedra :p :D [/font]

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