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Importable Mods (some mods that some users cant download)
I added a feature to the launcher to allow you to import mods from a file, To do this you right click in your Installed Mods panel and select Import From File and select a mod you downloaded from the below list.
if there is mods that wont download or work for you reply to this thread and ill add them as importable mods

Importable Mods:
ACM V2.7.1294: Download
AllSkins - Chest: Download
Ark 2.0: Download
Ark Eternal: Download
Ark Steampunk Mod: Download
Annunaki Genesis (v3.21.0): Download
Dragonpunk: Mythical Creatures: Download

Extinction Core: Download
Foreworld MythDownload
MRRadTools.INC Content Pack: Download
Play As Dino!: Download
Pugnacia Dinos: Download
Structures Plus (S+): Download
SurvivalPlus - Open Beta: Download
Admin Own Mod Too?
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sorry i dont understand what you're trying to say, but thanks
Thanks given by: zMizouz , geowaldorf
buenas el mod de annunaki no funciona. Por cierto buen trabajo
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hay kappa can you upload Play As Dino! mod i can't get it from mod manager

link :

thank you Smile
Thanks given by: geowaldorf
Can I upload another importable mode installation file? 
'ACM' and 'Ark Steampunk' plz.
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will be adding these shortly
Thanks given by: geowaldorf , moonwalker12
Can we please add Arc Advance 10 to the import mods please?
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(11-02-2017, 04:39 AM)Kappa Wrote: will be adding these shortly

hay Kappa ... so any progress ??
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how to add many mod in ark launcher because i can only add 4 mod only
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