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dedicated server doesnt show up in list

my problem is that my server didnt appear in the server list. only in the LAN list so my friends cant join. i already did port forwarding + firewall.

can anybody help me?
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it will only show up in unofficial when you have a steady player base 10+ a day for first 3 days mine did not show simply tell them your wan ip and port and tell them to press the green button on the launcher and add your server to the launcher and then just join your server from the launcher
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You could try to use ARk Server Manager that will help you to announce your server correctly and setting up a lot of server parameters.

I set up my unofficial, just 2 people playing, max 3 because I run the server on same machine I am playing and I don't have enough RAM for more connections, it was up and available since the first minute. I had few people joining too sometime.

Obviously only players with this client can join, not people with the legit game.
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