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Using Launcher with other Ark clients
1. be sure your current client is version 256 or higher

2. Download our launcher: Click Here To Download!

3. Now locate your Ark Files 
[Image: dc9pM3b.png]

4. Make a New folder called ArkGameData
[Image: 49gVAmy.png]

5.Move all other files and folders into Ark Game Data
[Image: uTQVziX.png]

6. Copy Launcher to the same directory as ArkGameData
[Image: cFPUbCu.png]

7. Right click ArkSurvivalLauncher and select Send To and press Desktop (Create Shortcut)
[Image: 4rZAxJs.png]

8. you are now done you can either double click the launcher in the current folder or run it from the newly created shortcut at your desktop
Thanks given by: NobleTeam
Update 5.3
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this is 5.3
Thanks given by: zMizouz
I updated my ark (fitgirl repack) with your launcher, opened the steam and ran the game. However, it does not leave the rectangle with the image of the ark accompanied by the music of the game Sad
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it should work if not just download full client problem solved Smile
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the client I use to play is Codex, will it work if I give update with this launcher? The version is 267.
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i do not work battleye after yesterday´s update -.-
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try go ArkGameData/ShooterGame/Binaries/Win64/ look for BattleEye folder go in it run the uninstaller then run the installer and you should be good
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Is this post up to date? Is this the latest laucnher? what version is it?

Thanks in advance for your answers...
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