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Using Launcher with other Ark clients
1. be sure your current client is version 256 or higher

2. Download our launcher: Click Here To Download!

3. Now locate your Ark Files 
[Image: dc9pM3b.png]

4. Make a New folder called ArkGameData
[Image: 49gVAmy.png]

5.Move all other files and folders into Ark Game Data
[Image: uTQVziX.png]

6. Copy Launcher to the same directory as ArkGameData
[Image: cFPUbCu.png]

7. Right click ArkSurvivalLauncher and select Send To and press Desktop (Create Shortcut)
[Image: 4rZAxJs.png]

8. you are now done you can either double click the launcher in the current folder or run it from the newly created shortcut at your desktop
Thanks given by: NobleTeam
Update 5.3
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this is 5.3
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