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(02-02-2018, 03:58 PM)robertobonari Wrote:
(02-02-2018, 05:53 AM)OwnProx Wrote: Port forward or use programs such as hamachi
ok i make dedicate server ,change  steam file number 31.... to  480 port .... and run server with ark maneger ,with ports 7777 and 27015 ...  its run and looks good..  if i start singel game from ark luncher and go to LAN servers and i can join my server , and play normal... 

now i want invite friend ... and i cant find admin maneger in ark game ,i see on youtube when run game and press esc button ,u can see there in menu INVITE FRIENDS button... and  admin server panel ... but i dont see anyting ..   its maby i yoin my server like a USER not ADMIN ?? ... 

ok and about inviting friends ... in your ark luncher u have green + button for add own lan/dedicate server .....
i add name of my server and  ip:port  but when i run server with this + button i get error in game 
NETWORK FAILURE MESSAGE :: Unable to query server info for invite. 

i test with  ip:ports  7777,7778,27015 and 27020
in maneger i have setup port to 7777 and second query port to 27015.

any solution? thank you  

Its maybe problem this ....   i have internet connection from Telekom (mobile,tv,phone - oparater) 

so my first box is Telekom modem.... then go connection in my own ruter box....and then to my computer ....

Its maybe problem , thet i was setup ports only on my own ruter.... and not on Telekom modem...=???? 

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What about mods how to install it ?
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just take them from the clients mods folder and put them in the servers one and include them in the config you can google how and use the folder names as the mod id's
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