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I just recently started on the island, and it is a terrible experience, i got over the lag that throws me back few meters, thats probably because the server is located far from me.
The server tho seems off. beginner areas are filled with alpha raptors and carnos constatly, they are farming all wildlife other than the big ones. sometimes i have to respawn 5-6 times to be able to move and not get instarekt by one of these carnivores. I assume its fun for the big tribes and old players, they dont really care, but as a beginner, not being able to farm specific items like chitin/keratin or even leather because the only dinos alive are raptors, trexes or carnos is kinda disappointing. I never experienced this is single player on normal rates.
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That is part of the game, the admin didnt touch the spawn of animals. There are a ton of animals cuz the server had a lot of time up. (or thats what i think)
I know its hard but think about it... if you can build with that difficult that make u a pro player Wink

Happy Arking!

Att: Vecktor

oh and look at this update as an example:
Update v261.0
- Increased chance for an alpha to spawn (in multiplayer only) by 2x.
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Agreed, there are too many Alphas, which ruins the game's creatures diversity

I suggest a "destroywilddinos" at a moment when the server is as empty as possible, with a warning in advance (for being-tamed dinos)
Big tribes, please, go for an Alpha dinos extermination raid

In the hope some ones cares...
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