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Epidemic Modded
Name: Epidemic Modded Server
Address: slourby.hopto.org:27015
Map: [b]Ragnarock[/b]
Location:  Slovenia

If you want to helpme upgrading server and possibly adding another one you can donate and all donated money will go to upgrading network/server to increse performance. Donate any amount donated will help! Thanks for everyone donating and playing on server.

[b]Server rates are set high up and dino levels up to 1200.[/b]

You can easily download and play through epidemic launcher. Its already added to the list just double click, install mods and play.

Mod list:

ALERT: Expect some server restarts and some downtime due to adding / changing mods on server. 

Also if you have any suggestions or complains about rates or mods fell free to post them down below or on discord modded-servers-help
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hola tengo un problema cuando intento entra al serbe me de este error arkgamerdata/shootergame/binaries/win64/shootergame_be.exe not found!!!!!/nplease reinstall the game there is a problem como la solusiono
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simplemente descargue e instale la última versión del juego desde el enlace a continuación, simplemente use el método HTTP en la configuración de actualización del iniciador; este es el lugar equivocado para la asistencia, esto es para las personas que allí alojan servidores pero sin preocupaciones

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My game does not enter and lose connection I try to enter the server by the game and the failure to connect I have already unlocked the mod and installed everything again and nothing whatsoever the other servers if they are working normally
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EDIT: Nevermind, my bad! :-)

Hi there!

Trying to join this server but keeps saying "mod mismatch". I just downloaded all latest versions for every mod, may it be that you are runinng older versions of any of them as of now? If so, how can I get those?

I'm eager to finally join but can't because of this

Thanks in advance!
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the pteranodons should be nerfed. a guy attacked me while i dced and killed all my dinos even my 200-300K HP wyverns with a pteranodon 450 LVL
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