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Download & Install
[Image: header.jpg?t=1516279456]
Block Protocol Online City RPG x86 Version: 0.73b Download Links:

-Direct Download (Full Block Protocol Online City RPG Game With Auto Updater):


-Download Torrent (Full Block Protocol Online City RPG Game With Auto Updater):


Ability to play with official Players
Auto Updating

About The Game:

Why Early Access?
“Broke Protocol is a huge undertaking. In terms of scope, size, content - the final vision is something that is just massive in scale. And the best way to ensure cohesion in such a large game is to get feedback from the comminity as we make incremental progress.

Early Access provides the best opportunity for the community to have a hand in directing development. We will listen closely to player suggestions to give out users what they want. In this way, we can provide the best city life roleplaying experience on the market.”
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“Approximately 1 year, with the full release planned for August 2018 along with Mac, Linux, and perhaps console versions as well.”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“We have a stable game foundation in our Early Access Release, but the full version will bring a level of polish and TONS of new features for users to have fun with:

  • Much larger map with desert, farmland, forest, and military base
  • Expanded city with enterable casinos, sports arenas, club, bar, cinema, and clothing shops.
  • Government system with elected officials, vote system, custom city laws, and emergency responder controls
  • Random city events from riots, storms, fires, races, airdrops, etc.
  • Promotions within careers paths and gangs depending on performance
  • Different levels of AI response, from Street Cops, to SWAT teams, and Army soldiers
  • World editor for building custom cities

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“The Early Access version of the game should be fully playable with some experimental features (like Offline mode). There's already a full city map with vehicles, aircraft, voice chat, jobs, weapons, items, apartments, dynamic weather, and more.

Early Access gives users a substantial discount before the full release, allows a sneak peak at incoming features, and enables community input for steering the future development. Feature upgrades are to be expected weekly thoughout the Early Access period.”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“The price will be raised before the full release of the game as new features and content is added.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“I'm making this game for the community. I have no investors, backers, or publishers - it's all for you. There is a roadmap on the official website, discussion forums, and Discord server for real-time feedback.

The userbase is the backbone of any roleplaying game, and my goal is to server the players' interests in the best way possible. With your help, we can build an amazing city sandbox for the best roleplaying on Steam.”
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Inverted Mouse Fix:
[Image: uFu5vo6.png]

and if that does not work close the game and run the attached registry file on your pc and start the game again

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hey, update server not working please fix thanks
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