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Private server for me and my friend needing help
Hi everyone,

Firstly thank all of you for your amazing work. I decided for your launcher and to play on your servers. But before I do that I would like to explore the game with my friend on a server only we can play. I need help setting it up on my pc, I know about port forwarding and stuff but just dont know where to begin to open a server for me and my friend.

As I said I only want to explore the game with my friend by ourself before going on servers where most players are already experienced.

Thanks in advance for your help Smile
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Could someone be so kind and helo me I would really appreciate Your help
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come on someone?
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i cant reply to your pms you have it turned off so i sent you warning to message you simply download ark server files using steam you also may want to look into asm (ark server manager) might make it easier for you and all you really need to do is locate Steam_AppID.txt and edit it and set the numbers to 480 then save then right click properties on the file and set it as read only

also take a look here i provided some links
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