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Mods not working after the update
It's pretty straight forward. After the update whenever I load a mod the game closes and then opens up again. I tried clearing all mods but it still does not work.
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same here just keeps asking for battleye, cant install though detects steam crack and mods wont load
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Automated ark and superspyglass work fine but structure plus don`t work and only can play the island
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yeah i can still play with mods i suggest uninstalling them all and try reinstalling maybe the creators posted updates
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I have the same problem.
After the last update, battle eye close the game until charging.
I quit the mods anf work fine.
I tried reinstall the volcano and there is not way to play. I think its a problem onli with map mods. 
There is no diference having the battleeye option of the Epidemic launcher or not.
I will try more things tomorrow.

Great job!!!
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