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I have this error playing online
I have this error see the attachment please, i was online with low graphics options and only few texture related options in medium, after 30 minutes playing or so it crashed 4 times, one was just starting the game server. Maps island and ragnarok


I cant write too much cause the forum give me an error  saying something about an hyperlink not alowed but i didnt use any hyperlink... and this is another problem i have, when trying to post in this forum  Cry

My machine is a i5 3.10 ghz 8gb ram dd3 - amd r7 259 2gb ram ddr, Win 7 x64, i never any issues with any of the 2000 - 2018 games.

I didnt have any problem playing single player all graphics options in medium and some options in epic

Thanks in advance.
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