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Someone can help me, im trying to play Ark.

During some time at start i played it without problem or crash, sometime later the game keep crashing when i try to use "Whistles" to my dinos, or i get hurt. The game crash fast and is making me unable to play.

What i have done until now:

- I donwloaded the latest version and did a clean install.
- I used mods, unisntalled then.

Here is the error i get:

Thanks in advance who can help me.



I have the same problem. I was playing normally and without problems until the last update. After this update the following error appears and I can not enter the map. I play Online. I downloaded the complete game and installed it again but it follows the same error.
I've tried everything ..

I can play in Ragnarok in Local mode and in other Online maps. But I can not access the Ragnarok server where I was playing.

Launcher version: 11.5
Ark Verison: 280.115
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